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How do we know our books are great? Because parents and kids tell us they love them!

Perfect For Ages 2-9

Our stories contain age-appropriate themes that impart values while being tons of fun.

Personalized Books In 3 Simple Steps

Ready to get them reading? We make it easy.

Select Your Stories

Choose which books you want, telling us your child’s name so we can personalize them for you.

Not Long To Wait

We ship to anywhere in the world within 2-3 weeks. Shipping is FREE if you order 3+ books.

Enjoy The Magic!

Your child’s eyes will light up with delight as soon as they see their name on the cover.

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Rated 4.8/5 Based On 1,000+ Happy Readers

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More Than Just A Storybook

Kids LOVE to be the hero of their own story. Even reluctant readers can’t resist when their name is splashed across the front page. Our stories aren’t just entertaining but also enrich children's learning and development.

  • Instantly engages attention
  • Make a memorable gift
  • Expect enthusiasm and gratitude!
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Rated 4.8/5 Based On 1,000+ Happy Readers

Books They’ll Reach For Time And Again

Here’s why our stories soon become fast favorites

Their Name On The Cover

See the delight on their face as they realize they’re the hero of the story

Enchanting Illustrations

Every page is packed with fun and colorful pictures that bring the story to life

Engaging And Easy

Swiftly grabs kids’ attention and maintains their interest

High Quality

Printed on durable, high-quality paper in both hardcover and softcover versions

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why choose kitabme

Our books make reading even better!

Help Them Fall In Love With Reading

Watch the magic happen as your child's eyes light up with each turn of the page.

With their name woven into an irresistible tale, your child will soon be a bonafide bookworm. Reading has never been this much fun!

Who Needs Screen Time?

Ditch the devices and enter a world of wonder, perfect for child-parent bonding.

With our spellbinding stories – starring them – your child's mind will soar to new heights while giving technology a much-needed time-out.

“Wonderful quality, great stories, and an overall amazing bonding experience with our kids!”

Sarah R.
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Boosts Literacy, Creativity, and Memory

Research shows that immersing kids in the joys of reading skyrockets their literacy skills, fuels their creativity, and gives their memory muscles a mega workout.

While swept up in a riveting read, your child is absorbing vocabulary, sparking fresh ideas, and training their brain to retain their amazing new abilities.

See The Kitabme Difference

Here’s why our books are a cut above the rest

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Fully personalized with kid's names
Bilingual: Available in English and Arabic
Your child is the hero of the story
Created by educational experts with 15+ years of experience
Engaging and easy-to-follow
Premium quality at pocket-friendly prices
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Rated 4.8/5 Based On 1,000+ Happy Readers

3 Reasons You’ll Love Kitabme Books

Craft and quality poured into every page

15 Years Of Experience

Written by educational professionals and writers with extensive experience keeping kids engaged and entertained.

Critically Acclaimed

Given glowing reviews by a best-selling book editor, plus children and parents worldwide.

Fabulous Artwork

Illustrations by an internationally acclaimed artist make every page a feast for the eyes.

What Parents (And Kids!) Are Saying

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Rated 4.8/5 Based On 1,000+ Happy Readers

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Look no further.

How does the ordering process work?

It's simple! Choose your books, personalize them with your child's name, and we'll take care of the rest. Your customized books will be delivered right to your door.

How long does shipping take, and is it available worldwide?

We ship worldwide, and delivery typically takes 2-3 weeks. Plus, shipping is FREE when you order 3 or more books!

Who writes and illustrates Kitabme books?

Our books are crafted by a team of educational experts and best-selling international book editors, and feature artwork by acclaimed illustrators. We incorporate feedback from parents and children to ensure our books are engaging, enriching, and meet the highest standards.

Can Kitabme books really help my child develop a love for reading?

Yes! Our books make your child the hero of their own story, capturing their attention and making reading an exciting, personalized experience.

Do Kitabme books make good gifts?

Absolutely! A personalized Kitabme book makes a unique, memorable gift that shows thoughtfulness and encourages a lifelong love of reading. Watch their eyes light up as they see their name on the cover and throughout the pages of their personalized tale.

Are your books eco-friendly?

Yes, our books are eco-friendly. We use sustainably sourced paper and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to minimize waste, energy consumption, and our carbon footprint. By printing on demand, we ensure there is no excess waste from overproduction.

Is my purchase safe and secure?

Absolutely. Our checkout process is protected by the latest SSL encryption technology, ensuring your payment information remains private and secure. We offer a variety of trusted payment options, including credit cards and PayPal, all processed through our encrypted system for your peace of mind.

How do Kitabme books compare to other personalized children's books?

Unlike many other brands, we offer bilingual options (English or Arabic). We also offer Premium quality at pocket-friendly prices.

How is the book personalized?

Your child's first name is magically woven into the story, making them the star of their own adventure. Watch their eyes light up as they see their name on the cover and throughout the pages of their personalized tale.

Can I include the child's last name in the story and on the cover?

To keep the story engaging and focused on your child's immersive adventure, we recommend using only their first name on the cover and within the story itself.

Is it possible to personalize the book for multiple children?

Our enchanting stories revolve around one central character, ensuring your child remains the hero of their own tale. If you'd like to create unforgettable reading experiences for more than one child, we suggest purchasing a separate book for each of them.

Can I add my child's picture to the book?

Currently, our personalization magic is all about transforming your child's name into an extraordinary story. While we don't include pictures, our talented illustrators bring your child's adventures to life, sparking their imagination with every turn of the page.